Grooving Through Love and Loss

Grooving Through Love and Loss


Click photo to watch the video. From the forthcoming album, "The Big Fix-Deluxe Edition." Support this remixed/remastered album at my Kickstarter site:


A lot can happen in 20 years of marriage -- raising kids, job changes, cross-country moves -- a lot of loss, love and heartache with tons of joy along the way.  “The Big Fix” was written for my wife, Shannon. We’ve overcome a lot since 1998.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter named Christopher Williams, aka Cdub, inspired the music. We saw him perform at the Six String Cafe in Cary, N.C., around 2004 and his stellar, rhythmic acoustic-guitar playing and great performance amazed me.

So, I tried my hand at a song in this style. The goal? Groove, meaningful but lighthearted lyrics and easy to dance to (I kid). Out popped “The Big Fix.”

This songs illustrates why I want to remix the album. We took its 10 songs as far as we could on our laptops. For example, I think I used four different amps trying to get the guitar sound I wanted, but I never could. I wanted my guitar to sound like the main guitar in the old Dwight Twilley Band tune, “I’m on Fire.”

Kevin McNoldy, a local sound engineer, had mastered “The Big Fix” album. After he remixed a single from the album, “One Last Tear,” I had a thought: how cool would it be to remix the entire album?

So, we’ve started with some remix settings to see how it would sound. My music has never sounded this good. The drums are boomier, the bass is fat and clear.  Listen to the intro guitar on this remixed version, and you’ll hear the exact guitar sound I wanted when I tried multiple mics on multiple amps.

Check it out here:

If you like what you hear, please consider partnering with me to finish remixing and remastering the entire album, which will also include five bonus songs.

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