Labels, Streaming and Triple Double Burgers

Labels, Streaming and Triple Double Burgers

“Artists make very little from streaming.”

“No one buys CDs anymore.”

“McDonald’s stopped selling Triple Double Burgers.”

There’s sure a lot of bad news in the music biz today. (Okay so that last one wasn’t technically about music, but, hey, starving musicians love their fast food.)

But for all the bad news, something awesome is happening -- artists and audiences have more power than ever before! In the old industry model, record labels signed an artist, spent tons of money on studio costs to record their songs then pumped thousands into “breaking” a single on radio, MTV, etc. (and the labels usually recouped their costs by keeping the artist’s future earnings).

That model has largely died over the past decade. File sharing and streaming have killed off most  labels. Today the remaining handful of record labels typically only invest heavily in mega-stars.

But guess what? The rest of us don’t need record labels any more.

We have a new way to fund the recording and promotion of our music. It’s called “crowdfunding.” It’s profoundly simple yet incredibly powerful.

By you simply sharing about an artist you like on social media and pledging financially through crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, you enable artists to pursue their dreams and record and promote their music.

YOU are today’s record label!

And it’s even better than that.

As I mentioned earlier, there is very little money in streaming once an album is released, but fans will spend money upfront to support a project when it’s in production. And through Kickstarter, you become part of the creative process in helping to bring it to life. You’ll get to hear songs in the production phase, watch videos of the process, maybe even co-write a song with me!

You may not know this, but you have an incredible power to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people.  You’re on social media, and sharing my campaign, sharing a link to my website, or mentioning me in posts can take this from an $1,800 campaign to three or four times that.  

YOU are my record label and my “ambassadors,” and sharing my links via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. can make a world of a difference!  (If you’re so inclined, here’s my Kickstarter link to share:

It’s truly a numbers game with a crowdfunding campaign like mine… the more eyes that see my campaign and ears that hear my music, the more chances I have to capture someone’s name and email for my all-important mailing list, or have them contribute.  On average, out of 100 people who are exposed to my campaign via social media sharing, I’ll get a handful who will click through to check it out.  Out of that handful, I’ll typically get 1 who will contribute (if I’m lucky).  So, you can see how the math works out.

I know sharing a campaign like this can be uncomfortable, but you don’t have to put a link straight to Kickstarter every time you mention me.  You can post either of my lyric videos of songs we’ve started remixing, which is not as “intrusive” as pushing a crowdfunding: “The Big Fix (Remix)”; and/or my remixed cover of Tom Petty’s song “Trailer”

Also, if you’re in Facebook Groups, those are an excellent location to showcase the campaign or music, as it will be in front of a lot of people that aren’t in your normal feed.  And, unlike Facebook (where posts only go to your friends list or group), Twitter is global so anyone can see what you post if it trends!  So, there is always a way to get people looking at me, without sounding too pushy.

As you can see, a share is just as important as a financial contribution, and it’s the lifeblood of a Kickstarter campaign… and it leads to people signing up for my mailing list, which is the lifeblood of a music artist’s career.

We have until midnight THIS Friday to raise $1,800, or I won’t receive any of the pledges. We are slightly more than halfway there, and with your help we can bring “The Big Fix-Deluxe Edition” to life! I’d love to release this fully remixed/remastered version featuring the 10 songs from the album plus five bonus tracks (two of them new songs!)

THANK YOU for your help so far, and THANK YOU for any sharing you can do… it will help greatly!”