Another Reason Why It's Good to Share: You Can Help Me Reach 100,000 People

Another Reason Why It's Good to Share: You Can Help Me Reach 100,000 People

I stink at math. Always have. But even I can wrap my brain around this: For every 1,000 people that are exposed to my Kickstarter campaign, 10-20 will check it out or watch the introductory video. Out of that group, on average, one will contribute.

I need about $900 by midnight this Friday to successfully fund my campaign and finish a new, deluxe album. This means I need to get my Kickstarter post in front of about 25,000 people over the next four days.

It sounds crazy, I know. But it’s not impossible.

In today’s music world, social media -- your social media, that is -- can make this happen.

FB blog.jpg

Here’s how.

If my 300-plus Facebook friends each share this post on Facebook, we’re talking well over 100,000 or more times this post will show up on friends’ news feeds. The numbers so far say this will translate into generating enough pledges to meet the total goal of $1,800, and then some.

The only way I can hit the finish line is to get exposed to that many people in this final week.

This is how it’s done today. In the old music industry, record labels invested in recording the music then promoting it to radio, etc. Now that music streaming has largely obliterated record labels, the power is in listeners’ hands to help artists record, distribute and promote their music around the world.

Kickstarter, which I am using, and other crowdfunding platforms make it easy for you to share posts about a campaign and make a pledge to support an artist financially. (Read about my campaign here:

Here’s what your simple share will achieve: My budget of $1,800 will pay for the remixing, remastering, distribution and promotion of my 2016 album “The Big Fix.” So far early remixes of these songs sound amazing -- they’re louder, brighter, fatter and ready for radio! This budget also covers adding five bonus tracks (two of them new original songs! One will feature a pedal steel guitar, a first for my music).

Listen to a couple of samples and let me know what you think:

So, woud you take this simple step and copy and paste this link into a Facebook post and share it with your friends?

Thank you again for reading this far and sharing about my album project.