A Personalized Song? House Concert? I've Got Gifts For You

A Personalized Song? House Concert? Just for You

One of the rewards I am most excited about offering is writing a song for you. Yes, a personalized song -- for a birthday, holiday, special someone, kid’s event -- you name it, I’ll write it and even record a version for you.

Hey, it’s not too early to think about Christmas and other holiday gifts. How about a personalized song?

Years ago I could not think of a Christmas gift for my dad. So I wrote a rockabilly song about his crazy dog, recorded some guitar and vocals on my cassette portastudio, and boom, “Half-Man, Half-Dog” was born. The song has been part of my solo gig repertoire ever since. (Give it a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/stevehartsoemusic/half-man-half-dog/s-i4bYW.)

How about you? Has anyone written a song for you? That’s a gift that will never fade, tarnish, go out of fashion, tear, rip or end up in the attic under an old sleeping bag.

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I’ll write it in whatever style you like (just please don’t ask me to rap!)

Here’s another prize option -- we co-write a song together! Maybe you’ve got lyrics and no melody; a melody but no lyrics. I can help. We will collaborate on an original song, I’ll record a basic version for you, and might even record it for my next album. Cool, huh?

If a personalized song is not your thing, how about a house concert? If you’re within a three-hour drive of Raleigh, N.C., I’ll bring my guitar and harmonicas and perform a concert or originals and covers (and take requests) in your living room, on your patio, roof, wherever. I’ve already played just about every kind of venue (and non-venue), so no setting would surprise me.

Maybe you’re shy or live too far away from me. No problem. I’m also offering a Skype concert for one of the pledge prizes. Again, I’ll play my songs plus some you request -- enjoy the show right there in your computer or smartphone in the comfort of your home.

These are just some of the rewards I’m offering for your financial support of my new album project, a fully remixed/remastered version (plus bonus tracks) of my 2016 album, “The Big Fix.”

We have until midnight this Friday to reach our goal of $1,800. If we do not hit it then no one’s credit/debit card gets charged and I’ll have to pull back on the project.

Take a look at my site and choose a pledge and prize/pledge that works for you. View the site here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/659649362/steve-hartsoes-new-guitar-roots-rock-music-album.


Thank you!




Steve Hartsoe